About Substance Abuse Help

Many drugs tend to be very expensive and one may not have the money to purchase them time and time again to fulfill their drug cravings. As such they would go to all sorts of lengths to ensure that they have these products, and some of them are not socially acceptable, including stealing and robbing from innocent civilians.

The effects of such unwarranted substance abuse may be witnessed by the high numbers of teenage addicts who report for help for substance abuse every year in America. Apart from this, jails have also given a report that many of the delinquents who are brought up for behavioral rehabilitation are addicted to harmful substances, especially marijuana and cocaine, which seem to be the most commonly abused substances.

About Substance Abuse Help

However, studies also show that usage of the common drugs as discussed above is slowly but steadily being replaced with another notorious group of medications principally referred to as the “killer club drugs.” These are potent drugs usually mixed with alcohol to bring about an ecstatic rush to those who take them. To make matters even worse, these particular drugs are usually colorless, meaning that they may be mixed into an unsuspecting person’s drink by some people who may wish to steal from such victims. These drugs have produced many candidates in need of help for substance abuse.

Apart from this, women are also heeded to be very careful when out partying, and advised to always do so in the company of friends for maximum protection. There are many reported cases of rape where a woman’s drink is spiked without her consent by the person who may be thinking of raping her once she’s drunk and out of touch with reality.

A contemporary study conducted by a university team indicated that roughly 7% of US drug addicts were aged between 12 and 17, but this particular figure only represents those that are taking alcohol since there’s another statistic which reveals that an estimated 70 million people smoke cigarettes and are addicted. Drugs tend to be a disaster to those taking them in the way that they tend to produce some form of dependency, meaning that those who abuse them may experience very limiting physical reactions if they make a decision of quitting.

More often it is these negative symptoms that make them take even more doses of the substance to feel better again, and with time their body tends to develop a condition known as tolerance. Here the person requires even more doses of the substance than was being taken initially to reach the same levels of high. As is apparent you need to always be on the lookout to know instances where your young one is taking these drugs to find them the right help for substance abuse. Drop in school performance and constant irritability are just some of these indicators.