Facts About Substance Abuse Help

A routine study conducted in 2010 asked some substance abuse professionals to rank several illegal or legal substances. In this special study, alcohol was identified as the most perilous substance. There are two principle factors that are related with the phrase “substance abuse.” Basically, what would constitute a drug may be considered debatable by scholars.

For example, GHB, an organically occurring drug within the CNS, is in most cases considered to be a drug. Plus, it’s illegal according to the laws of several states, while on the other hand nicotine isn’t officially seen as a drug within the context of several states. Alternatively, the term abuse could imply an officially recognized range of usage of represented substances. Taking several bottles at a go is also seen to be a symptom of compound abuse.

Facts About Substance Abuse Help

There are those who generalize drinking to be a single glass of alcohol while others may utterly condemn taking caffeine, citing that it has similar effects to those of alcohol. On similar ground, recreational usage of marijuana or amphetamines could constitute what’s referred by professionals as substance abuse.

The symptoms which may show up in those that are addicted to these substances may considerably vary depending on the particular drug one is taking; definitely the signs of marijuana misuse would vary from those of cocaine misuse. Any form of substance misuse may be very detrimental to an individual’s health, and these may show in factors such as morbidity, violence, psychological dependence, and even drunken driving, among many other related effects. Help for substance abuse is essential at these stages.

In addition to this, those who drink alcohol show more tendencies of abusing several other related substances such as cocaine, heroin, and meth. The main reason behind such behavior is the belief that when taken this way the drug has the potential of resulting in an intense euphoric effect, and it also takes a while before the effects of such a drug slows down in an individual’s body.

Studies have also pointed out a clear relation between the heightened numbers of those abusing these substances with suicidal attempts, especially among the college-going teens. Once again, these individuals can receive help for substance abuse to get back on track.

The main cause of heightened dependency syndrome among abusers is further believed to be closely related to prolonged usage. Those who take this substance for the first time soon find out that they need more of the substance, and when this goes on for a long time, then dependency syndrome soon sets in.

Yet another factor which may directly tie into this is acute intoxication that may cause various other related side-effects, especially when used for extended periods of time. Statistics from America’s official bureau related to health indicates one out of every four suicide attempts among teens is directly linked to substance misuse, especially alcohol. Within America, around 30% of all suicide cases are directly related to liquor misuse. Thus, powerful help for substance abuse is essential.